Student Feedback

The following ex-students endorse Lynn Klotz’ past Harvard Extension School course on the same subjects as our new lecture series here, The Business of Modern Drug Discovery and Development. These lectures will be significantly expanded, updated, and professionally produced. They will also offer considerable downloadable materials such as a Mini Textbook for each lecture.

"I took Dr. Klotz's superb class on Biotechnology and Drug Development: Tools for Business at the Harvard Extension School and endorse it unreservedly. The course covered drug development from the Biotech, Pharma and business points of view in depth suitable for the large percentage of students in the class who held or were working on advanced degrees in science and business or were currently employed in these fields. I have previously worked in big Pharma and in Biotech and am currently a research staffer at Harvard. The class filled in gaps in my background and experience in addition to providing a new viewpoint of the exciting times and processes I have lived through. Class sessions on estimating the value of a startup business, a drug development pipeline or a patent position were very useful and sometimes included visiting expert practitioners from the field. Dr. Klotz provided references that gave the detailed historical and technical background for all of his calculations and conclusions. All opinions were rigorously supported. His new class format (I have seen lesson 1, The Drug Discovery and Development Process) on BioPharma Dive, similarly contains slides presenting the highlights, with reference materials supporting the details and conclusions."

Lance S. Davidow, PhD
Director of Informatics
Harvard Stem Cell Institute
Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology
Harvard University


"As a former student of Prof. Lynn Klotz from Harvard Extension School, I found The Business of Drug Discovery and Development online lecture series refreshing and to the point. The contents are up-to-date and easy to follow even for those not already familiar with the topics; the slides are pertinent with ample references and the narration is lucid. The downloadable materials, including a full summary of the slides, will come handy. I highly recommend the Series to anyone wanting to know more about the business of drug making."

John Chun, PhD


"I strongly endorse your past Harvard Extension School course Biotechnology in Drug Development: Tools for Business, because I honestly feel your class has been very helpful. I believe all Biochemistry students, particularly international PhD students who lack anything but persistency, should have the chance to access this enlightenment."

A former PhD researcher from a leading Boston research hospital